Liene Madern-Stradina
Historical Keyboard-artist
Biography (Engl)


Liene Madern - Stradina (Latvia) specializes in historical keyboard instrument performance - harpsichord, fortepiano, organ. Her main interest lays in the music of the 18/19th century.

She graduated in piano performance (Master) at the Conservatory of Latvia. After that, she moved to The Netherlands to study harpsichord with Ton Koopman
, Fabio Bonizzoni and fortepiano with Bart van Oort at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague (Bachelor degree). 

In 2018 she graduated Master study 'Early Keyboards' in Conservatorium in Amsterdam.

She performs regularly in Europe as a solo harpsichordist (eg Early Music Festivals in Stockholm, Vantaa, Riga etc.), organist (organ festival Limburg etc.), and with ensemble 'Più Corde'.